Could you or a loved one be owed MILLIONS in compensation?

Talcum Poweder Lawsuit: Could you be owed millions?image credit

  • Jacqueline Fox’s family was awarded $72 million in damages after she died from ovarian cancer.
  • Gloria Ristesund was awarded $55 million. She used J&J’s talcum powder for years and her lawyers argued J&J knew of the potential health risks.
  • Deborah Giannecchini won $70 million. Her lawsuit claimed J&J should include warnings to their products to alert consumers of the risks.

If you or a loved one has been been diagnosed with a different type of cancer you could be eligible too. There is a strict criteria for who can file a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for their talc based products but it's important you complete the form so you can find out if you meet the criteria. It only takes 10 seconds to complete and we will email you to let you know if you're eligible to file a claim.